ISO 9001:2000
Test Switches

Our test switches are designed and manufactured in Canada, and meet EEI, ANSI C12.9, NEMA, UL, and H-Q safety standards.

We offer a number of standard 4, 7, 9, and 10 pole configurations, and custom manufacture each order to your specifications. We also fufill custom orders for 2 to 10-pole test switches, and have listed additional switch options in the 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8-pole configurations.

All our test switches have the following features or available options:
More Information About Our Test Switches

Click images for larger views and switch part descriptions.

Light weight construction  
600 Volt insulation, 60 Amp. capacity  
Manufactured from flame-retardant materials  
Non-breakable, glass-filled polycarbonate base  
Non-breakable, clear polycarbonate cover  
Captive cover nuts, knurled for easy finger tightening  
Captive wing nuts optional
High-strength thermoplastic switch handles  
Colour-coded switch handles optional
Easily replacable switch assemblies  
Standard mounting dimensions  
Any pole arrangement from 2 to 10 poles  
All current carrying components are nickel-plated to prevent corrosion  
Rugged one-piece jaw ensures long life, durability, and reliable contact  
Easy to adapt or repair in the field  

We use two sizes of blocks for our switches:
Click the image to the right to view the small block, which can accommodate up to 4 switches.
Click the image to the right to view the large block, which can accommodate up to 10 switches.

Our test switch catalog is divided into sections based on the number of poles per switch. Each section is then organized by Mesurina Part Number. There is a web page for each part number, and each of these pages contains information that makes that part unique as well as a technical drawing of the switch.

When you find the part number you wish to know more about, visit the Quotations section of our site to request a quote for that part number.