ISO 9001:2000
About Mesurina

Mesurina specializes in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of high-quality measuring instruments, test switches, accessories, and devices designed for use by public utilities companies (such as electricity distributors). All of these devices are designed as solutions to the problems faced by electrical utilities companies.

Mesurina is also involved in the development process of special application hardware to better serve the electrical metering industry. These devices will ensure better customer relations between electrical utility companies and their consumers—with more accurate metering and precise billing—and save utilities companies countless man-hours by increasing the efficiency of assigned duties.

The company was founded in 1976 by Mr. Bernard W. Krutina with a mandate for producing quality metering devices. In 2007 TESCO - The Eastern Specialty Company acquired Mesurina, and continues to provide the highest quality test switches on the market today.

Located in Lachine, Quebec, Mesurina serves clients across Canada and in the Northeastern United States.

Mesurina earned its ISO 9001:2000 certification in 1997...


Mesurina is the exclusive distributor of all TESCO Products